Mr. Gentil Moreno - Founder

Founded in 1952 by Mr. Gentil Moreno named as St. George Foundry, the company started its manufacturing activities of cast iron and bronze pieces, in order to comply with the sugarcane and ethanol industry.

Over the years and with the expansion of the sugarcane industry, the company invested in technology, equipment and specialization of its labor force. Since then, progress has been constant.

In 1988, the Company acquired induction and heat treatment furnaces, which gave more agility and quality to production. In addition, the casting sector was reconciled with metallurgical activities, offering thinned and machined parts, joining forces to provide greater performance and dynamic to the market.

Thereby, the Company expanded its horizons producing castings for several industrial segments such as: mining, metallurgic, power generation, valves and pumps and pulp and paper.

The year of 2002 was marked by a major event: The Company consolidated its Quality System and obtained ISO 9000 certification, setting the standard not only for Quality management systems, but also for the general management ones. Besides this, Fundição Moreno, identifying the needs of its customers, increased its portfolio; Created in 2004 a new foundry unity focused on small and medium-sized parts.

Again, thinking in its customers satisfaction, in 2006 Moreno invested in research in the sugarcane and ethanol market launching a differentiated technology in its mill rollers, in order to achieve greater productivity, different yields and lower operating costs.

Today Moreno has all its production processes approved and certified, either by national and international organizations, aiming at continuous improvement and versatility to the most demanding market segments.

Fundição Moreno, from 2006 to the present day, keeping its characteristic of visualize business opportunities, keep up to date with key technologies for the metallurgical market.

Foto 1
Melting process of the Foundry in the 70s.
Foto 2
Mill manufactured in the 70s.

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