Quality Control

The quality management system has procedures to ensure compliance with ISO 9001: 2008, meeting the requirements specified by the customer on the standards set by the company, recognized by the high level of quality in the products and services supplied.

With the continuous improvement and customer satisfaction as goal points, Moreno´s organizational culture seeks to encourage employees to contribute in a participatory manner in the quality management system. Tools such as Kaizen and FMEA are widely used and are important actors in creating an enabling environment for process improvement.

Moreno has control processes for critical items, which are assessed the technical specifications of raw materials, as well as the purchase through its certification. Pilot tests are performed before the purchase and sampling process, upon receipt of selected scrap and pig iron. Quality control has a team of qualified inspectors integrated with the process according to international standards (ASTN-SNT) and has internally all the necessary equipment to ensure compliance with the requirements and specifications of the products ordered by the customer.

Analysis and tests performed in the laboratory:

Tests and analysis carried out on the sand in laboratories:

Tests which are performed in the production:



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