Healthy, Safety And Environment


For Moreno, the health and safety of employees are handled strategically and are first priority.




The Outpatient Care servisse has an excellent newly built structure in accordance with the requirements of the Regulatory Bodies of Occupational Health. It has professionals in Nursing and a occupational physician.

The team conducts individual and continuous monitoring with the employee, as well as developing Quality of Life programs “valuing for workers’ health”.

Develops daily activities of labor gymnastics involving and encouraging all employees to act preventively to avoid muscle injuries as well as heating for the start of the working day.

The Internal Restaurant provides healthy and nutritious meals through a varied menu elaborated by the responsible nutritionist, thinking of the replacement of nutrients necessary for the employee to maintain their balanced health.





The company invests in the constant improvement of the working environment, providing collective and personal protective equipment, according to the Regulatory Standards and especially in training to deploy secure awareness culture. It also takes actions that aim to identify and monitor risks inherent in the activities, ensuring above any material value, the physical integrity of its employees.





Concerned with the preservation of the environment and future generations, Moreno is highly committed to sustainability actions aimed at quality of life and compliance with environmental standards.

It adopts techniques and actions that ensure sustainable production, such as the reuse of the sand used in the production process; the maintenance of the treatment station of its wastewater, reusing and allocating their waste correctly.

In recent years Moreno sent recycling over 1 million tonnes of waste which ceases to be disposed of in sanitary or industrial landfills.

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